Gloria’s Happy Hour

This show was so much fun! I love the look of Kat Single-Dain in front of the audience. It’s like she can feel every single person in the room and uses that to bring the whole crowd along with her on her adventure. Fantastic show.

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Small Town Boys

A great piece about growing up. It truly reminded me of what those times were like, in the “fun” and the hardships. I was glad to get this interview time with Sean Casey Leclaire, too.

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Aaron Malkin is so amazing on stage, and being a Dad to a little son myself, this comedy really pulled me in. So happy to work on this one.

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Jeff Tetz – Chief Executive Officer for Results.

Jeff Tetz was great to work with, and I got to learn some ins and outs of Results, a diverse team of specialized business advisors, and the magic they can work to help you improve your company.

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Tech Talent Conference 2019

The amazing people at Tech Talent had me down in September this year to make them a promo video, and I loved the experience. The talks were great, and they had so many original themes and directions to their production. Plus, have it right downtown in one of the best conference venues in the city? How can you go wrong?

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Martin Dockery has been a big favourite of mine on every Fringe Festival, and I loved his newest show, Inescapable. I shot this with 3 cameras, and had just myself for the shooting, so I’m really happy with how I was able to get both actors in their own individual shots.

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I got to shoot and edit this show for Aaron Malkin earlier this year. His show was so great, and this video gives a nice taste of what to expect from it.

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Bushel and Peck

Alastair Knowles and St├ęphanie Morin-Robert fuse their mastery of comedy and movement as they tear up their performance handbook, touch the untouchable, and are blown away by the uproarious consequences.

Bushel and Peck will boisterously charm your naked heart.

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Good As Hell

If you’re fat or thin, everyone is equal, and fat people shouldn’t be ashamed to show off their awesome bodies! Victoria Welsby, founder of Bam Pow LIfe ( wanted to show that off, and I loved working with her to get it.


Another awesome note – Victoria Welsby was recently on the BBC show, “Who Are You Calling Fat?”, where the 2 part series was pretty much made for her, and they used my video as part of her introduction!

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The Urban Grind

I really love the Urban Grind at Harbour Center every year, it’s a huge walk upstairs for free beer and an awesome view, so I put together this video to show it off.

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