Who is Christoph?

Make customers WANT to go to you!


I’m a¬†Professional Advertising Videographer through Yellowpages.ca, and with their online presence, you’re sure to get customers more easily seeing your products. What I want to do, is give you an online advertising video directly for your website. This means anyone can see your video, you can post your video anywhere online you’d like, you would allow it to have a direct link to your website, and you’ll have it online forever, no need to pay to keep it.

Letting the customer know exactly who you are and what you do is a giant help to your business!

My lead cameras are Sony NXcam and XDcams, along with 2 Sony AVCHD Cameras for multiple angles. I also use a Nikon D7200 and D5300 for professional photography.


For Audio, I use a Shure lavalier mic, and 2 Zoom H1 Audio recorders, to capture your full performance. I have tripods for all of my cameras, plus I have a pair of 500w cool florescent light stands. I can give you the raw footage through DVDs or onto a provided external hard drive, specifically for either PCs or Mac, or I can do a full edit for your online advertising.

I have 10 years of film and video experience, from working with Lions Gate and Maple pictures, to doing countless independent shoots for Online Advertising, Stage Performances, Weddings, Celebrations, Events, and Music Videos, and I would love to be working with you at this year.

Get in touch with me, at contact@christophrondeau.com, or call / text me at 604-239-7477. I can’t wait to hear from you!


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