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If there’s one thing I’ve had over this past year, it’s been time to work on scripts that I’ve always wanted to get made. Movies that would be found on netflix, and are fun and crazy to watch.

I would really love to have you read them to get feedback. I want these to be easy and fun to read, and hopefully to sell or make in the future, so feedback on what you liked or didn’t like would be awesome. I would especially like to hear what didn’t work, so I can fix it.

Consider yourself my beta-testers!

When you’re done, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page to comment on what you read.

Each is listed with their length, and it generally takes about a minute per page to read, which is the speed you’d be watching the movie.

So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the “show”.


The Magic of Rehab

Completed in 2012 – 120 Pages

Drama / Comedy

An alcohol addicted man forces himself into rehab to clean up, only to fall for an ex-heroin addict, but her druggie ex-boyfriend is going to get her back at all costs.



Completed in 2016 – 114 Pages


When a Metropolis gets attacked from underground by Alien Moles, a gigantic flying snake, the Aztec demi god Quetzacotyl, awakens from a deep sleep to fight for nature.



Completed in 2020 – 24 Pages


A woman in a Christian Cult falls for a man and takes his seed, only to find the horrors of child bearing make her believe that her child is from Satan.


Inside the Monster

Completed in 2020 – 55 Pages


A lowly mechanic gets his dream job working on the touring Monster Truck rally, until his employer goes insane and takes his truck on a joyride through the city, and there’s only one way to stop him.


Mars Ends

Completed in 2021 – 124 Pages

Science Fiction

Mars has become a mining planet for many generations of people, until things start to go wrong on Earth, and the Earthlings will stop at nothing to take Mars back.


To Be Young Again

Completed in 2021 – 28 Pages

Fantasy / Drama

A mid-thirties depressed man wants nothing more than to start his life again fresh, but gets more than he was expecting when he’s pulled back to reliving the 90s as a kid again.


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